Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Twitter to date...

I signed up to Twitter in May this year and after watching how it works for a while, I eventually took the plunge and started to tweet. I'm now at the stage of tweeting fairly regularly (for me that is still only 2-3 times a week) which of course pales into insignificance compared to some Tweeters!

I tweet from my own account (@SharonSchindler) and also on occasion from my work account (@csp_otago). And I'm feeling part of an online community.

Just when I thought I was getting to grips with it, they launched a new version with more stuff for me to grasp - once again it is about lifelong learning and adapting to new ways.

I find it great as a quick and easy way to follow headlines and hot topics, but not so great if those you want to hear about are not using it.

I've more or less mastered using lists on there which I find great for following specific groups of people/businesses. The same applies to hashtags for easy real time results and up to date news for specific interest areas.

I did join in the FO2010 Twitter class session, but found it a challenge to follow who was talking to who and if anyone was actually answering the questions posed, it was a little hectic and hard to follow and probably not a platform I would consider using at this stage for online meetings.

I think I've now added the Twitter widget to my blog post!


  1. Hi Sharon, I am not sure you've downloaded the Twitter gadget properly :)

  2. HI Sharon, Twitter has been the best tool for promotional activities for my online events and I use #hashtags in this way: Tweet the day before to show where to register; Tweet on the day with the direct link to event. I also speed read through the Tweets at the end of a week to find those gems of information; a new website; a new tool or a new colleague.
    I suspect that I am not yet utilizing the full extent of Twitter - and I've been with it for a few years. New Twitter tools now made available in other sites, really help to make it a one click process. I do that when I send a new article to my blog - it immediately notifies my followers of a new post via Twitter.

  3. Carole: which is the tool you are talking about...the one that sends your blog post to Twitter?

  4. I've downloaded Firefox as my preferred browser now at work and that allows me to tweet about my work blog posts (www.sustainable-practice.com)using Shareaholic.