Thursday, September 2, 2010

Blog Comments & Followers

Reading Gina Trapani's guide to web blog comments has helped me understand a bit more, and her point on know when to comment and know when to email hit a chord.

Many of the comments I read on blogs are more like two-way conversations and don't necessarily contribute to a multi user discussion and I feel I am already guilty of the same sin. I've just commented on the FO2010 blog with a question to Sarah, something that was probably more relevant to drop in an email to her.

I am planning to actively follow some of my fellow learners' blogs, but for this to work for me I have to make it a weekly activity which I think will be made easier by using the Blogger Reading List . I just don't have time to read several blogs a day.

1 comment:

  1. Sharon, you've made a good point about knowing when to leave a comment and when to e-mail a person directly. The idea can be applied to discussion forums or Google Groups as well.

    Sometimes it can be difficult though if you do not have the person's e-mail. Many people are reluctant to post their e-mail addresses on blogs or other websites as they don't want spambots to get them. Some blogs do have e-mail forms whereby you can send an e-mail using the form, and the blog author does not have to give out his or her e-mail address directly.